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On dressing up and having fun

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We went a long season (years) of not really being in the mood for Halloween. We didn’t really want to be out touring the neighborhood for candy when there were all kinds of goulish and scary costumed kids running about. I also am just the sensitive type, and feel squidgy about it in general. I […]

Small style: On tiny hands that heal

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My boys were talking the other night about River after she went to bed. Saying how sweet she is, how she always gives you a moment of her heart, her soul. And then they told me how weird it is that they have two sisters, but they only know one. I think I could write […]

Small style: Velvet pumpkin edition

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Fall has finally broken through here in Phoenix, we are cooling down at night and I already feel Christmas lapping at my neck. Normally I get annoyed when I feel like people start being all holiday-ish too soon — but not this year. We are in a place we love, and despite one of my […]

Small Style: Birthday Edition (she’s a one year old y’all!)

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Oh my gosh. It’s true, you guys. River Promise, princess of the big brawly boys (a.k.a. her 3 big brothers) is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY! She is giving away a pair of her favorite shoes, so be sure to check out the end of this birthday post for her prezzie for you. BOOYAH! Last night […]

Small style: Wedding edition

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Last night we attended the wedding of our sweet friends at a winery south of Phoenix. It was marvelous and the ceremony was outdoors and I posted pictures of it at Simple Design today — so gorgeous! That barn was completely epic. The boys stayed back with grandparents and River played in the flower girl […]

8 months

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It is not just that the time has flown, but it seems all of us have exponentially grown in soul-measurements. There’s the whole baby born thing, then the whole moved across the country. Then the whole new life we’re building in our new city. New homeschooling tactic (unschooling ftw!) and new experiences like swim lessons […]

Spring style with Tea

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In late January we had no idea what February would bring. I knew BlissDom was coming (post on that coming tomorrow!) but other than that I figured we’d have a quiet winter-ish time. As winter-ish as it can get in the South, anyway. But in the last week of January our family got hit with […]


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Learning how to scoot. And sitting up. She sits perfectly still when I whisper into her ear… I sing Beatles Blackbird and her eyes glisten. She is mine. Can you believe it? *** hello kitty tunic : misha lulu via the mini social ruffle capri pants : bungalow bebe via the mini social flower hair […]

Small Style – This Christmas

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It was our first Christmas with a baby girl, even though she spent the holiday with roseola and the pitiful attitude to go along with it. It was the first Christmas where vinyl was played, the first with our new vintage tinsel tree, the first where cornbread muffins and cupcakes were from scratch and one […]