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Turning your hobby into a business

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When I started blogging almost 10 years ago, I never thought I would have taken my writing and blogging all the places I have in this past decade. I probably would have said you were off your rocker if you told me what I’d be doing with my blog in 2014.  I thought it was […]

I’m scared of being mediocre

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  I had this realization recently. I’m terrified of being mediocre. How that plays out in my life is that I don’t shoot for the moon, I don’t go big or go home, I’m not balls to the wall. None of that. I just slink back, try to disappear and be “less” so that at […]

I have found you

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I don’t know if the last day of January is the ideal time to finally share my word of the year, but here we are so let’s just sit down for a minute. I’m imagining us (you and me and all of us)sitting in a circle in a yurt, all sharing our words (let’s pretend […]

Roses and pink donuts

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I always forget to plan a day in bed.  And all I want to do is be in bed. I’m wrapped up in a huge chunky scarf and wrapped in a sweater and my shoes are still on and tied and I’m curled up in a ball on the couch. All I have to do […]

Massive Holiday Giveaway Hop | 26 Gifts for Women

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This year has been a year of gigantic ups and downs, and it has been really quiet here on my blog. After blogging for 9 years, I was tired. I needed new direction. So I re-branded from To Think Is To Create, to Mabel + Riv  (the names of my two daughters – the one […]

On being impatient for healing

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I’ve been blessed in the area of broken bones and large puncture wounds. What I mean is, I haven’t broken anything but my pinky toe, and I’ve never required stitches. I sprained my ankle once, I’ve had shin splints and I gave birth 5 times. So, I know what it feels like to wait on […]

Confessions Of An Emotion Stuffer-Downer

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I would love to talk real talk with you for a minute. Let’s grab a spot on my couch and I’ll make you some green tea with honey and I’ll make sure we aren’t interrupted because this is a bit of a hard thing. I have always been a pretty expressive person, and proudly so. […]

It’s saving my life: Carry-on edition

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On Fridays I’m going to share with you some things that are saving my life right now – just a fun little feature to start off the weekend! If you ever have things that are saving your life that you want me to try or feature here, please just drop me a line.  Traveling is […]

On releasing the shame

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Something happened in me last night, something really really good, and I’m struggling finding the words to describe it. It was hard and difficult and a moment of heart laid bare — and I need to share it. Allow me some disjointed thoughts here for a bit? I was having issues with my boys that […]