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I absolutely love any project that serves to help women love themselves more. Love is at  the core of who we are – and loving ourselves is the foundation for loving each other, too. So, I partnered this month with The Motherhood, Fashion Project, C. Wonder and Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) to spread the word not only about the amazing things Look Good Feel Better does to help women overcome the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment, but also to let you know how easily it is for you to help too (hint: I have a great idea for what you can do with those clothes in your closet you don’t wear anymore).

This coming month through Sept 18th, any gently used clothing you donate to the Fashion Project will directly benefit the Look Good Feel Better organization.

The plan is this: you donate in C. Wonder stores or online here, you receive a 20% discount on a future C. Wonder purchase (of $100 or more), then take a look at Fashion Project and see if there’s anything there you’d like to purchase as well (to benefit LGFB, natch). Hit up those closets in the next week so you can take advantage of this wonderful campaign!

Your donated items will be sold by Fashion Project as well, with 55% proceeds going to LGFB. All these companies partnering together for the benefit of women – it warms my heart. And it’s so easy to help, don’t you think? You can even order a free donation bag or print out a free shipping label – yes shipping your items is free!

look good feel better helps cancer survivors

Look Good Feel Better does these amazing workshops catered to address the unique issues with hair, skin, and more that women experience after cancer treatments. Beauty and styling techniques and other resources that women might need that we probably have never thought of. It’s such a specialized service but oh so important, don’t you think? Since LGFB started in 1989 over 900,000 women have participated – isn’t that incredible?!

I adore that this organization exists, and I thought you might too!

**This program is from The Motherhood and sponsored by Look Good Feel Better


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