chocolate eggs DIY

We are creating traditions every year with our growing family, and one thing I have always loved is creating Easter crafts and making Easter treats. Something about the Spring colors, the new life. It inspires me, and I start feeling adventurous.

This year we got a little over the top (in that I attempted something a bit harder on the difficulty scale than I normally do!). Using Martha’s method (chocolate egg “how to” found here) and HERSHEY’S baking melts, we were able to have fun and make a mess and make the most beautiful chocolate eggs you have ever seen. Then we de decided to crack them open a bit and fill them with REECE’S PIECES peanut butter pastel candies. Somehow, these are not all gone. I may have to hide them for a few more weeks!

Would you be up for giving these chocolate eggs a try?

I’d love for you to have a whole bunch of Easter candy to give some new recipes and crafts a try. Want to win an Easter Giveaway Prize Pack full of an assortment of HERSHEY candy? Just leave a comment below sharing one of your Easter traditions AND also tell me your favorite recipe or craft from the Celebrate with Hershey’s website. Share your entries on social media with the hashtag #bunnytrail for one more entry (come back and leave a comment to tell me you shared). Good luck!

*This post was sponsored by Global Influence, with candy provided by HERSHEY’S


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