About Ari

Arianne and JonahArianne Segerman is a maker of beautiful things. From hand-crafted jewelry, to collections of vintage finds, to the four lovely children swirling about her Phoenix home, she seeks to see and curate beauty in the extraordinary everyday.

For nearly 10 years, much of the hard work of tracking beauty in her heart and the world around her has been done online, in the wonderful world of blogging.

Arianne took her writing online in 2004 under the appropriately existential moniker To Think is To Create. Those early days of blogging were a community and a creative outlet, a way for Arianne to share and connect with readers around the world.

Since those first steps online, blogging has taken on a life of its own for Arianne and her family, and its taking on new life yet again here at Mabel & Riv, Arianne’s new blog and handmade business home.

Here she writes about fostering creativity in her life and her children, about homeschooling, about autism, about walking through grief after losing her daughter Mabel in 2010, about the soul balm and beauty in even these things. She shares her carni side through vintage home décor, thrift store fashion, original handmade jewelry designs and curated vintage pieces, the ephemera of the everyday and the beautiful mundane.

It just feels right that Arianne’s journey has led to this, to Mabel & Riv, where heart and hard-fought beauty meet. Arianne, her husband Jacob, her boys and her baby girl River all want this to be a place where you find beauty and inspiration for your everyday.

If you would like to work with Arianne feel free to contact her or check out her LinkedIn profile for more information about her professional background.