When You Find Your Family’s Heartbeat

by arianne

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My husband and I had gone camping as kids growing up, and even been camping once as a couple before kids. But we never took the camping plunge as a family of six, before last month.

And when the time came to prep camp bins and pack up a duffle bag and load up the car — it was surreal for me. I felt like such a grown up, it was kind of weird. How were we taking our four kids camping, for two whole nights? It seemed like something other families who have their act WAY more together might do. And yet, it was here. Our first camping weekend.

We packed the car and then loaded the kids in and then packed more on top of them (you know how that goes, right?). We drove about 3 hours north and found a dispersed camping area (read: it was the wilderness but sometimes people camp there – no facilities, or even people around, for that matter). This was certainly going to be an adventure!

What followed were two days full of surprises. There were the circumstantial kind – it dipped below 30 degrees both nights, much lower than forecasted and we weren’t exactly prepared (though had enough gear to get through it just fine, including my mama skill of hourly waking, worried the baby was going to freeze). Then the second evening we went to start our car to charge our dead cell phones and the car wouldn’t start. We were stuck out in the wilderness for real at that point.

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