DIY Chocolate Egg

by arianne

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We are creating traditions every year with our growing family, and one thing I have always loved is creating Easter crafts and making Easter treats. Something about the Spring colors, the new life. It inspires me, and I start feeling adventurous.

This year we got a little over the top (in that I attempted something a bit harder on the difficulty scale than I normally do!). Using Martha’s method (chocolate egg “how to” found here) and HERSHEY’S baking melts, we were able to have fun and make a mess and make the most beautiful chocolate eggs you have ever seen. Then we de decided to crack them open a bit and fill them with REECE’S PIECES peanut butter pastel candies. Somehow, these are not all gone. I may have to hide them for a few more weeks!

Would you be up for giving these chocolate eggs a try?

*This post was sponsored by Global Influence, with candy provided by HERSHEY’S

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