If you are having (another) snow day

by arianne

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As so many of you are stuck inside, bundled up and maybe even having your millionth snow day in a row — I wanted to send you a little love and encouragement today from the desert. Because even though it doesn’t seem like we desert folk understand your pain, we do, and I will need you to send these same encouragements to me in about 6 months, around August. Deal?

By August we are no where near temps getting below 100 degrees, and yet they’ve been above 100 degrees for 4 months already. The long days are truly so long when the climate is being a tyrant like it is in extreme hot or extreme cold and snow. I have also lived in Chicagoland and had many many days on end in February when I thought I’d never see the sun (or my freedom) again.

So friend, here’s a mug of something warm, and a few extra brain cells if the wild animals in your home have stolen them. You aren’t alone. You don’t have to be afraid of losing your mind while rattling around in that house, because the One who holds you is there speaking sanity into your ears. Our God is never far, but right inside you. Tap into that source and see if the peace starts to leak out into your heart (you might be surprised)

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