I have found you

by arianne

I don’t know if the last day of January is the ideal time to finally share my word of the year, but here we are so let’s just sit down for a minute.

I’m imagining us (you and me and all of us)sitting in a circle in a yurt, all sharing our words (let’s pretend everyone else hasn’t shared theirs yet either). If you are opposed to yurts, we can pretend it’s a bonfire, but maybe that would be too cold. So how about a lodge — yes, we are all in a lodge in front of the huge fire roaring in an ancient rock fireplace, seated all cozy-like on a giant faux-fur bear skin rug, and we are sharing our hearts. I’ve passed out the homemade hot chocolate and one of you brought the homemade marshmallows, since we like to be festive just because. A new year has started and we want to dream and make plans and eat homemade treats, dammit.

So the time comes for me to share, and it’s weird, because I know my word for the year but I don’t know that much to tell you about it. I can’t really tell you what it means to me yet, although I can tell you in the first month of 2014, this word has already come to mind numerous times. It pops into my mind most often during struggle, so I don’t know if that bodes well for this year, or if I’m getting the growing pains aspect of this word out of the way quickly.

My word is: Found

I didn’t even feel like it was a real “word” at first. It seems so weird and not very word-ish. But this word kept tapping me on the shoulder and it refused to go away, so I opened the door and let it come inside. Now it’s completely made itself at home in my spirit and there’s no getting rid of the word now.

As I prayed over this word, I heard a phrase that really comforted me and told me a bit more about the meaning. This phrase is:

“I have found you in the high places and in the low places.”

At first I thought this was a bible verse (if it is, or something similar, please let me know in the comments), but I couldn’t find anything similar enough. As I kept meditating on this phrase, I knew God was saying it TO me, and also that I was saying it to him. I feel so much peace when I think about it.

The word Found for me has already meant a lot of self-discovery. It has meant finding out more and more who my true self is, and finding out more and more who God is. The struggle thus far has been in letting go and healing, stories that deserve their own paragraph some other time, I promise.

I was sorta hoping “Found” would mean finding my dreams with this blog coming true, finding Mabel & Riv (the shop) funding and a place in the market. I also hope “Found” means finding a new way of life for us as we move out of the baby-having stage and into the “you are all old enough to not pee on the toilet” stage. Maybe it will mean all of those things.

So I decided to create printable art for you guys once a month – whatever is making my soul sing. Hang it on your fridge to encourage you, or frame it and add it to a fun gallery wall. I will be doing the same!

I’ll have the printable art available free to email subscribers, so make sure you are subscribed if you aren’t already. I’d love to visit you in your email inbox since other ways of finding each other are so hit or miss these days.

Here is this month’s printable – remember to subscribe so you can download the full size, without watermark, version (if you are already subscribed, be on the lookout for an email from me today with your free download). I hope you like it!


So those of you who chose a word – how is it going so far? I’m passing out the next round of hot chocolate – share with me! I’ve missed you.

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