On being impatient for healing

by arianne

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I’ve been blessed in the area of broken bones and large puncture wounds. What I mean is, I haven’t broken anything but my pinky toe, and I’ve never required stitches. I sprained my ankle once, I’ve had shin splints and I gave birth 5 times. So, I know what it feels like to wait on your body to heal, and not be able to speed anything up.

In fact, I’ve heard that a sprained ankle can take longer thank a broken ankle to heal, depending on the injury, so it makes sense why I have such a distinct memory of being about 13 or so and feeling like I would never walk again. The healing took so very long, I often thought perhaps it wasn’t healing at all. Any small improvement that I made disappeared inside that worry-lens that I looked through. I couldn’t see any good that had happened because I completely focused on what I still couldn’t do.

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