Dream List: Fendi Baby and Kids

by arianne

My Dream List is what I consider to be the “next level” after Wish List. My wish list is full of things I may be able to get some day (or have gifted to me), but my Dream List is full of things that are very unlikely to ever find their way to my house — but that’s ok. I love to dream!

Fendi baby and kids line

It’s so incredibly fun to make a Dream List, because it inspires me in my every day life. The color combinations, the beautiful styling. I love getting inspired by everything around me. I use that inspiration in my daily life, from everything to how I style my kids and my home, to just plain being happier by keeping beautiful images in my mind. That beauty pushes out the darkness, and motivates me every day in even the mundane.

So yes, a Dream List is a big deal to me. I find that dreaming sometimes really does manifest into my reality, like the perfect job for my husband or finally giving birth to a baby girl after having 3 boys. Other times those dreams are more of a fantasy, one that brings me just as much joy.

So the latest edition to my dream list is the Fendi Baby and Kids clothing line at Alex and Alexa. Talk about your gorgeous luxury kids clothing! The fabrics, the craftsmanship. I can’t even. Absolutely stunning, in every way.

I am all about the modern monogram right now, ever since some stylish friends convinced me it’s not too country or cheesy. I can only imagine how cute my baby girl would be in some Fendi clothes, and I’m always a fan of velvet!

Despite my more edgy leanings, my girl is all girly. She is drawn to feminine clothes and the pinks for sure — even when I try and insert some gold or black (like her mama!) into her wardrobe. At age 2, she is already obsessed with fashion and when we looked at the Alex and Alexa site together she was squealing in delight!

My Dream List is full of the items shown above, plus many more. Which is your favorite? I wish they had the blue clogs in my size!


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