On changes and the in-between

by arianne

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There are some things that come unexpectedly. Like suddenly a baby is a toddler and suddenly all the kids need new shoes and suddenly 5 years of homeschooling is coming to an end. Suddenly I’m 35 years old. It is all so sudden. It seems like this many children in, I should be expecting the unexpected. But even my imagination falls short in seeing these things coming.

In just a couple weeks my boys are headed to public school. We always evaluate our homeschool plans each year for each child, but the truth is we never thought we would make this kind of right turn. We are equally thrilled and terrified and that’s just this morning. I think my roller coaster of emotions won’t slow down until well into the school year and even then I might still be wringing my hands when no one is looking.

When we broke the news to the boys, they literally, all three, burst into tears. They didn’t see it coming either. But I kid you not, by the end of my conversation with them they were asking why school couldn’t start sooner and why did they have to wait two months for it mom?

So I am staring down the back-to-school lists for the first time ever, and trying to wrap my brain around things that are not on that list, but that might help my new-to-the-school-grind boys. No, I’m not sure they need a mini-fridge just yet (though they are trying to convince me) but I feel like maybe a tablet for homework might be a good idea for my oldest? Going into 5th grade and being a pre-teen seems harder these days than when I was a kid. This Galaxy Note is all about doing word docs and the heavy lifting of word processing and you can write directly on it with the stylus that comes with.

galaxy note review

Obviously this is more of a “want” than a “need”, but already he feels excited about doing homework on it and reading on it so I’m calling this a WIN. Because mood swings. And hormones. And going to public school for the first time ever.

The Galaxy Note is the new sought after device in the house full of Apple products. Also shhhhhh don’t tell anyone but I think we like it better than our iPad.

I’m doing my heavy back-to-school shopping at Staples this year because they were somehow psychic and swooped in and offered to partner with us before anyone knew we would really need their help.

If you have any tips in the back-to-school category I am all ears! And if you have any questions about the Galaxy Note I have answers. We really do love it.

Full disclosure: Staples.com provided me with the product for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of tablets online.

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