On letting the dream be loud

by arianne

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I don’t remember the first time the seed was planted in my heart for this dream. Once I acknowledged the dream, it was as if it had been there all along. Quietly in slumber, waiting for the right time, the right life, the right me to be ready for it to unfurl with spirit and vim and vigor and terrify me entirely.

Has this ever happened to you? I was prompted (read: pushed) by life circumstances and some good counsel to really ask myself what I wanted to do. What am I dreaming about, what spirit-led purpose is in my heart? What do I want?

Having blogged for nearly 9 years, I found myself in the place where I needed some fresh wind for my blog life, and I all of the sudden I felt it deep in my bonesĀ  — that now was the time to really listen to that quiet dream. To let the dream grow loud.

So here we are today. You may have come to my blog To Think Is To Create and instead found yourself here at Mabel & Riv. Hello there! You are in the right place. Scoot in close, let me tell you about what I have planned.

This new blog isn’t just a new name or a new look, and it’s not just a re-branding. Mabel & Riv is the culmination of my story of redemption. It’s a place to read, see and experience beauty through my eyes, and soon it will also be a place to buy some pieces of beauty for you, too.

You long time readers know that Mabel and River are my two daughters – one here with us and one already passed on. Talking about them doesn’t leave out my boys, but talking about them is our family’s story – all of us. Like two beautiful bookends, with everyone in between. And as I leaned into the creative beast asking me to hop on, I felt bravery bubble up and took the leap and grabbed the reigns of my life and here we are today.

Mabel & Riv is the name of my new shop and line of handmade jewelry and accessories. In an effort to not hold up life until everything is perfectly in place, I am unveiling the blog side of Mabel & Riv today, and the shop itself is coming soon. My goal is to share with you the process of designing and creating a handmade jewelry line, to bring you into my life even more, in addition to the lifestyle blogging I’ve come to love. I want my blog to be more of the same things, just more focused and also featuring more topics. That makes sense in my head, hopefully it will translate to you as well.

There is this piece of me that has been under a heavy, thick layer of Big Hard Times for the last several years. Despite the success I have had in various online roles and despite the great place my blog To Think Is To Create was at, I am not fulfilled by it in the same way any longer. And while it I hold it very dear to my heart, I have outgrown it.

I’m so excited to be pulling back the curtain on Mabel & Riv now, not waiting for some mythical unicorn of a perfect day, and, in showing you why I’ve been quiet and what I’ve been working on, to get you excited along with me about the new things our family is creating.

If you were already subscribed to my To Think blog, you’re still subscribed to Mabel & Riv (yay!). If you’d like to keep updated on the progress of the shop and our lives, subscribe here.

Will you join me in this new adventure?


***The beautiful logo of Mabel & Riv, the custom font and our site design (make sure you see our pretty splash page at mabelandriv.com) was created by the illustrious Andrea from The Organic Bird. Hire her yesterday, people! She is a magician!

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