A peek inside our house for Christmas…

by arianne

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I haven’t done a Christmas home tour since 2009. It was just weeks before Mabel died, and it holds a bittersweet place in my heart, to be sure.

And this is the first year I’ve been interested since then, the first time in years that I’ve not been hugely aching at Christmas, missing our missing girl, and dreading life as January 8th draws near. I can still feel it, that familiar impending doom, but it feels small this year. Manageable. Nearly invisible, if I hold my heart just right.

I’m amazed at the power God’s Spirit has and amazed at how He heals. I’m so grateful for the mountains our family has climbed and for the miracles I see — the promises fulfilled. Glory!

Come see the tour of our home today over at Simple Design – and I’d love to see a peek inside your place too!

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