On keeping kids happy (with a stroller board)

by arianne

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We are peeking our heads out back into the land of the living today. Our whole crew – all 6! – was taken out by a nasty tummy bug. And really, “tummy bug” is just about the kindest most understated way to describe what this thing does to one’s body. :: shudder ::

What I’ve been wanting to show you for quite some time is this fun stroller board from Britax, that allows my 5 year old (it holds up to 50 pounds!) to be his fickle-mood-ed self and occasionally take a rest when we go on our family walks. My older boys love to push the stroller and River has so much fun when big bro (Jonah) is riding along behind her.

Since Jonah sometimes waxes poetic about us getting a double stroller so he can ride in it next to River, I am grateful for this much more svelte (and affordable) option. He gets to hop on whenever he is tired or cranky and take a rest, and he usually hops back off to go walk or scooter again before too long.

The board attaches to most strollers (like this one pictured – our fav – the B-READY from Britax in silver), is adjustable for your child’s height and is a pretty comfy ride (thanks to the 3-wheel design).

We had a bit of a dealio getting the thing put together and installed, but Britax customer service was super helpful and all is well now.

All that to say? If your family is growing this is a pretty good choice in lieu of a) tantrums; b) going crazy via tired kiddos and/or c) purchasing a double stroller to avoid a) and b) and would *definitely* be helpful on those trips to the museum, zoo, Disneyland, etc. when younger kids aren’t really stroller-ridin’ anymore, but could use a break.

I really prefer to only talk about things I’m sent if I have one to offer up to you, too. So, hey, enter in the widget below to win a Britax stroller board!

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