On dressing up and having fun

by arianne

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We went a long season (years) of not really being in the mood for Halloween. We didn’t really want to be out touring the neighborhood for candy when there were all kinds of goulish and scary costumed kids running about. I also am just the sensitive type, and feel squidgy about it in general. I didn’t really come here today to talk about all that, but just decided to tell y’all where we stand on Halloween (now that it’s over. heh.). Our opinion is pretty much “meh” but this year, since we live by family now and have new church family-friends too, we decided to let the kids dress up and do the candy thing.

They had SUCH a blast and it was great fellowship time for all of us. Even though I didn’t finish the Princess Leia costume I was halfway through making (to complete my 4 Star Wars family of characters that the boys chose), my little pegasus unicorn made quite the impression as she walked up with her tiny bucket and grabbed candy at each house.

We let them all choose one candy, and today they are turning it all ┬áin for wii time and dimes to save for Christmas. It was a fun celebratory time, and we chose a young neighborhood (all families with littles live on my sister’s street) to walk and I’m so glad we didn’t make a big deal (good or bad) out of the day. It was just fun.

All the costumes are from Party City, the little unicorn was a hand-me-down from her cousin.

Did you have a fun time last night? Do you participate in Halloween or avoid it all?

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