Small style: Velvet pumpkin edition

by arianne

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Fall has finally broken through here in Phoenix, we are cooling down at night and I already feel Christmas lapping at my neck. Normally I get annoyed when I feel like people start being all holiday-ish too soon — but not this year. We are in a place we love, and despite one of my boys being in a hard season, we’re swirling with hope.

My darling is obsessed with this little velvet pumpkin. I can barely get it from her clutches to feed her or change her. I think because it’s heavy and just the right size for her hands, she never wants to let go!

If we tried to snatch it from her she would run (as fast as a newly walking toddler can sprint) and all that resulted was her with pumpkin in hand and me with blurry photos in hand.

We are giving away a trio of big pumpkins from the LoveFeast Shop at Simple Design (enter here!) and I can’t help but be hugely excited for whoever wins. I think of the years to come where I can take pictures of her with this same little pumpkin. Watch her hands grow and grow. These are memory makers, these simple lovely works of art, and someone is going to be so blessed by them.

**Style info**

dress :: from the minisocial
leggings :: thief and bandit kids
moccasins :: freshly picked

(we’re giving away a pair of these moccs here, hurry it ends tonight!)

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