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by arianne

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Last week was so encouraging for me when I posted my Dress For The Day pictures, and you all caught me mid-air in a cloud of amazing support and told me I’d be ok. I confessed to you that I have body issues, that I’m working through them, but I’m still working. Present tense.

And you all flocked in, one by one, encouraging me, sharing your own stories of growth and brokenness and the healing in between. It was absolutely beautiful.

So maybe you’ll understand when I tell you something.

This week was even harder.

I somehow accidentally saw pictures of myself a month ago. I’ve even lost a bit of weight since then, so I know it’s “better now”, but still these photos sortof wrecked my carefully stacked resolve to feel happy with where I’m at and hopeful about where I’m headed. I remember at the time those photos were taken feeling good about my outfit, I felt put together. I didn’t feel the way (I thought) I appeared in the photos.

Suddenly I’d taken 10 steps backwards. I wanted to hide again, to be invisible again. ¬†And then I thought about real problems in the world, who am I to make such a big emotional deal about my appearance, and felt the shame cycle starting all over again.

But then…


I am hosting Dress For The Day this week!

Click over to Abby’s place to read more and see my outfit and style journey.

Would love to chat with you there and show you how red lipstick saved my day.

(also linking up with WIWW!)

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