Small Style: Birthday Edition (she’s a one year old y’all!)

by arianne

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Oh my gosh. It’s true, you guys. River Promise, princess of the big brawly boys (a.k.a. her 3 big brothers) is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!

She is giving away a pair of her favorite shoes, so be sure to check out the end of this birthday post for her prezzie for you.


Last night before she went to sleep, she smiled and kissed me and said “love you” in her baby way that she does. I thought of when she came into the world, how she splashed into that pool and somersaulted into this side of the veil and I brought my new girl to my cheek and all of Redemption crashed into my heart in that one singular moment.  I can’t begin to count the ways that she has filled our lives with beauty and joy. We overflow EVERY DAY because of her. Each and every one of us.

How did she ever look this tiny? This is her at two days old. Oh my heart.

She is walking slash running all over, nods yes or no to tell us what she wants, and gives me butterflies with every giggle and deep soul stare. I whisper things to her and she sits still to take them in – I like to think she is tucking each whisper away for someday when she needs those mama words of love and strength and wholeness. She is already bossy and I can’t help but laugh and know that she is so much like me in that way – and I love it.

Today we made the hilarious mistake of taking these pictures right before nap time, so she’s emo and just trying to get around with her eyes open. And yet? STILL CUTE.

I bought this dress for her that I found on Zulily when she was a newborn. I just loved the kimono look it had and I knew the blue would be so pretty with her blue eyes. The shoes are her favorite shoes of all time – gold moccasins from Freshly Picked.

So, in honor of her birthday we’d like to give one of you stylish babies out there River’s favorite moccs! Hooray!

Enter below to win!

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