Small style: Wedding edition

by arianne

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Last night we attended the wedding of our sweet friends at a winery south of Phoenix. It was marvelous and the ceremony was outdoors and I posted pictures of it at Simple Design today — so gorgeous! That barn was completely epic.

The boys stayed back with grandparents and River played in the flower girl petals during the ceremony. It gave me flashes of when she would be in that aisle someday with a white dress on with her Dad at her side. *swoon*

River turns one next week. Already!

She literally RAN all over the barn last night until she started walking like a drunken sailor and her legs couldn’t hold her up any longer and she collapsed.  She kept trying to get back up and walk more and falling down. The girl has perseverance and I think it’s pretty clear that there’s no slowing her down now!

I’ve been very emotional about her growing up. I feel this pull of the future telling me how amazing our relationship will always be, but I can’t help but be sad to see baby months flying by me in a blink. And I think about her being 8 or 9 and me reading this very post and thinking – oh I didn’t even know.

If you were to meet her she would look deep into your eyes and make you feel at home. She just has a way.

Riv’s wedding attire
dress :: hand-me-down from a friend (Target?)
headband :: just lovely things
amber teething necklace :: hazelaid
gold moccs :: freshly picked 

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