On internet marketing

by arianne

My mom and dad are really big proponents of having your own business, working from home, and generally being your own boss. These lessons were so ingrained in me that my husband and I have always been somewhat of a pair of gypsies, travelling and living all over while we made our income online. We never really wanted to be stuck in a cubicle!

I’m often on the lookout for other opportunities and tools, too, because I have so many people ask me how they can work from home too. What I do with blogging and freelance writing is something I’ve built over the last 5 years, so it’s not something you can just step into today. However there are plenty of opportunities out there that you can start today.

This site seems to have great tools for anyone that does a lot of internet marketing: www.rightclicknow.com  so be sure to check it out.

New ventures are something we are always interested in, because we have entrepreneurs in the family and in our blood. Maybe someday we’ll even get interested in internet marketing in Dallas! Who knows! I think the sky is really the limit these days, don’t you?

Maybe one day online marketing won’t still feel like it’s the wild west, but for now it still is, and that just means it can be whatever you make it. Put yourself out there, be inspired, research non-stop and jump in. You never know what might come of it, and a year from now you’ll look back on today and wish you had started. You’ll be wishing you had taken that leap of faith to follow your dreams, and if you do take today to follow your dreams, you’ll look back and be so glad you did! To think is to create, you can create the life you want if you put out positivity, take risks, and work hard.

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