Finding here and now

by arianne

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This weekend I was trying to remember where I heard this certain concept, called “living between the trees”, where you live Kingdom here and now and brush off despair and hopelessness and long for nothing but the next step (tree) in the journey. I googled the phrase and lo and behold – a post of mine from 2008 popped up. I heard the concept from myself. Apparently it’s time I learned about it again.

Read that link really quick and come back here so we can talk about it. What do you think? Can you slow down enough to focus only on the next tree? Our culture is not only obsessed with 5 and 10 year plans, but as Jesus folk we are also obsessed with heaven. The “things to come”. So much so that we are trying to constantly get somewhere – anywhere but “here”.

I feel the tension of this, the press and push and for my tender heart it makes life feel never enough. Makes me feel never enough.

What if we lived like Kingdom was here and now? What would we act like? How would we walk through the desert looking ahead to just one tree? What if this whole earthly existence is just between two trees? And the next trees are for the life after this one?

I have this lesson pressing it’s tree-shape into my heart at the moment because we are in such a tough season, you guys. The past week baby and I have struggle through thrush to the point that now our nursing relationship is threatened. I can’t tell you enough how out of sorts and upside down and out of control everything feels. I’m pining for trees so far ahead they might not even exist. And then what? Will I look back and regret having no memory of the entire journey? I need to be at peace here. Now.

Do you feel like the breath of life is in the in-between moments? The small stories?

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*thanks to Leigh for setting me off on this hunt to begin with*


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