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We are in the thick of the hottest part of the summer here in Phoenix, and you know a mama loses her mind a little when she can’t send the kids outside to get out some energy, right? The sun is too hot for water fun anymore, so we need to get creative inside the house. *cue panic*

Because of this, I do let the boys partake in some iPhone action now and then, especially during baby nap times for some quiet.

There are some new fun Disney Junior apps that your little fan might really enjoy. Check this out!

The iPhone app that Jonah is in love with currently is Jake’s Never Land Pirate School. You start out by taking a funny pic of yourself and turning yourself into a pirate, so it was an immediate win for a little boy that asks me to call him “Captain Mr. Blackbeard”. Yes, he is a *slight* Disney Junior fan. Lots of fun games and interaction that keep him engaged and entertained.

There is also an app for the iPad that Disney came out with called Micky Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally that has appisodes (how fun is that?) and cool interactive content and when we borrow grandma’s iPad next time we’ll be certainly partaking in some Road Rally action.

In the meantime, we’re enjoying viewing full length episodes of Disney Junior shows online  as well as via the Disney Junior WATCH app. It’s free, which you know I love (by the way, Comcast subscribers get some premium content there so definitely check it out if that applies to you).

Would you like to win some Disney junior gear? Tonight there is a Twitter party with the Disney Junior folks at 9pm EST (um, they are giving away an iPad so definitely pop in and see what’s up!). RSVP at and use the hashtags #spon and #mackidtips

A big thanks to Disney Junior for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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