Why I love my organic church

by arianne

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I should preface this post with this: I could write 10 posts on this topic and still not be done with all I have to say. I’m not really going into the biblical reasons we were called to an organic church (you could peruse those reasons where others have written on the topic here and here), though there are many. I might mention a few, but mostly I just want you to sit for a spell and listen to my story. Join me?

About a year ago we left our church. It was a God-prompting, the reasons numerous, but what you need to know is that we had no idea what church body we’d be joining next. After a couple visits to local churches it was clear that nothing was jiving. God was clearly saying that we should have a break — not worry about finding a church — and just look after our growing family. We started at-home worship time with our kids and really took a Sabbath day (rested, ah!) and began to teach our kids about Jesus ourselves instead of relying just on Sunday mornings (imagine that!)…

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