Meet River and her merry men

by arianne

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The Disney Baby Blog has officially launched! I think you’ll see some familiar faces there (in addition to mine) and enjoy the tone and voice of the DBB. My first post is up today, come visit?


And yes she has Daddy wrapped around her teensy pinky and we wouldn’t have it any other way. She is me if I wasn’t a neurotic spaz – imagine being an artist soul without the baggage? I hope (possibly, probably in vain) that she will never pick up any baggage and I adore seeing how she changes me, and each of the men in her life. Three older brothers, her merry band of men, are at her beck and call but never in a spoiled way. In just the way that you know she isĀ irresistible and wouldn’t dream of notĀ giving her what she needs…

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