8 months

by arianne

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It is not just that the time has flown, but it seems all of us have exponentially grown in soul-measurements. There’s the whole baby born thing, then the whole moved across the country. Then the whole new life we’re building in our new city. New homeschooling tactic (unschooling ftw!) and new experiences like swim lessons with grandparents. Change, transition, growth and – wow is this family handling it well!

And then there’s her. River Promise turned 8 months old today. Can you believe it?

She is this wondrous person who holds each of us in a place where we can’t resist her. It’s not so much a “she’s got them wrapped around her little finger” kinda thing, because she is the farthest thing from a diva. But she captivates us. She makes us all want to be better people.

It’s astonishing and gives me butterflies in my tummy.

She all of the sudden learned to pull up and (sorta) cruise yesterday. The worst part of this is that she can’t get back down once she stands up. This means nap time is more of a stand-up-and-cry thing right now. Oh yay.

crying baby cries

In this picture she’s stuck standing, refusing to sleep (on account of not being able to lay down!) and smiled at me one second before I snapped this pic. No babies were harmed in the making of this photo.

She isn’t crawling on all 4′s, but does a commando crawl that should be clocked at about 100 miles an hour. She sparkles. She giggles. She hasn’t cut a single tooth yet but I think about 20 are fixin to come in. Those are her 8 month updates.

Oh and she says mama, dada, hi, yeah, char char (to her bro charlie) and today said bay bay (“baby”). Feel free to be amazed (as are we!).

I think about how fast it’s all going. What am I’m doing wishing her naps longer when it means I get more time with her? I feel like a broken record coming here and telling you how wonderful she is, but I really can’t say it enough.

river 8 months old

Do you ever think about how your babies will be your best friends someday? I hope she’ll be my best friend.

*River’s wearing a romper from tea

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