She wants to be understood

by arianne

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She watches me get dressed and brush my hair and
I think about how someday I’ll teach her to be an epic thrifter
and I wonder if she’ll love vintage things the way I do or
if she’ll be a reluctant thrifter like I was as a teen
(back when you only thrifted because you had no other choice).

Her personality is emerging already though.
She is spunk and zen all in one
and I constantly work to understand her.
I know she’ll want to be understood.

I still can hardly believe that she’s mine.
Don’t think it trite when I say this, but
Is she really here as my daughter, this isn’t a dream?

The moments she is a baby seem to be falling
like bubbles through my hands in a warm bath.
So slippery, so warm.
I pile the bubbles like a mountain on top of her head
and will them to stay.
No more slipping away.

She giggles at me like I’m the funniest person alive
and then boogies and shakes her wee rump
the minute she hears a few notes of music.
Even if you’re singing the music.

Sometimes it scares me how much she means to our family,
how much we love her.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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