On slowing down time

by arianne

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“When I hear people speak of doing things to pass the time, I shudder. For the one precious and irreplaceable gift is time, and surely we are in sorrowful state if we merely want to toss it out as fast as possible. A day is a fine thing, and we shall never see this day again.  It is not a thing to take too easily.” – From “Stillmeadow and Sugarbridge” one of my favoritest books on the planet.

I can hardly believe it, but Miss River is nearly 7.5 months old. She’s already lived in two cities and had a vacation on the beach and been around more family than she knows what to do with.

She watches me with such intensity, and the personality that is emerging out of those eyes is hard to contain in words. Joy. Spunk. Peace. How are all those contained in one person, I do not know, but she manages it somehow.

river smizing

Her brothers (or, “bros” as they insist on being called) are her Champions and they surprise me every single day with their desire and willingness to care for her. She is a princess among the scallywags, a queen of all our hearts.

Now that we’re finally sortof almost kinda settled in our new life here in Phoenix, I can’t wait to have more stories to share with you. It’s really magical and surreal the way River’s first months have flown by, but I intend to slow them down a bit here. I want to hear the whole of every moment, feel the space in between the milestones, learn every cell of my baby’s skin. I have so much memory loss due to grief and PTSD that it’s as if this is all first time again. I don’t have my memories back of the boys’ babyhood (yet) and I feel this deep almost primal sense of wanting to remember these current times.

I walk this with all of you and am grateful when you stop by to read. Thank you!

I have a new project on the horizon! This post is sponsored by Disney Baby. I’ll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team next month, and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories (plus projects, ideas, etc.) with you over there! Stay tuned for more details!

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