On being pickers

by arianne

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We needed a bed so we went with what would fit our two not small frames and heights with a baby in between and it was a king size bed. I lay on it and feel so luxurious I could cry happy tears every single night. Stretching out, feeling like I could really finally relax, I didn’t get all emo about it per usual because I knew it was a gift from God. Maybe that’s silly, but I thing God can be in the business of giving a new awesome bed when He wants.

We also needed some other furniture and God provided some pretty epic things in the most random way. A sleepy estate sale we stumbled upon was the canvas of a life well lived by some sweet older lady that had obviously passed on. I mean, if she had simply gone to a nursing home, would she really have left all her vintage clothes and prescription sunglasses at home? I don’t think so.

It occurred to me that we were like vultures picking over her things (are we pickers now?), that she loved all that stuff and it meant nothing to her now. I want to live a simple life but I still love pretty things because I so deeply value the art that goes into creating everything.  Her stuff was just stuff now, no not eternal, but it did mean something to us and we took home a beautiful dining set that was much needed. Thank you sweet older lady with great taste, for holding onto your midcentury furniture this long.

A young girl came up to us in a thrift store parking lot “I heard you’re looking for a couch?” == she was needing to sell all her things because she is pregnant and just lost her job and is heading back to Ohio where her family will help her. I bought more than I should from her, but I figured she needed my grocery money more than I did in that moment.

The moving truck arrived at our new house here in Phoenix and every tiny string I had holding myself and these kids together was quietly cut so that by the end of the next day we were all falling apart. Utter chaos and boxes and oh how hard it is to move with lots and lots of kids. They need their routines back, but I think those are in an unlabeled box on the back porch somewhere.

May is already here, and May still reminds me of the due date that I never reached with Mabel. I think I’m past grief and then certain things warn me that they’re about to bubble up again. May 30th is one of those things.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to share this, but here are some other things I’ve been up to:

I had two incourage posts in the past few weeks, one was about that community shaped hole in your heart, and the other one is about comparing yourself to everyone online. They seemed to resonate with people, I hope they do with  you too.

I also had a Deeper Story post last week, about uprooting and having radical gratitude.

And have you been keeping tabs on Simple Design? We had a fantastic post by Hayley of The Tiny Twig on 5 favorite drug store finds and on Monday we’re starting a “share your thrift haul” series – if you do any thrifting/garage sales/goodwill-ing this weekend, share your haul with us on Monday!

I try not to just post here when all I’ve got for you is rambling, but then I’d not post here much at all during this season of upheaval. I want to hear about your ramblings too, do share?

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