Dear Mother

by arianne

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Dear Mother,

We’re packing up the house to move across the country. I hear it’s to put down roots for once, but I’ve never done that more than a couple years worth, so I can’t be certain if this is what that is.

The dust from the cardboard boxes seems permanently implanted in my lungs and the bare walls and echoing cavernous packed up bedrooms feel cold like a looney bin.
My breathing echoes.

The funny thing about all this change is that it’s been harder on me than these 4 little kids running ragged around the house.
I like to think it’s because I’ve taught them the value of peace, but as one goes bunny hopping by, maniacally laughing for no reason, just because he’s the wildest one– I doubt that peace is on his mind.

There’s something to remember about our kids, mother. It’s that they’re so much more resilient than we give them credit for.
Not that transitions aren’t hard, Lord knows my littles are particularly sensitive to change.
And not that they can endure serious hardships and be a-ok.
But the in between time.
The unknown, the limbo-land.

The quiet moments when God is asking us for patience?
Those moments the children seem steeled up with super powers of happy-to-wait.

They don’t know the anxiety of wondering what job you’ll get
or who will be your new friends.
A big move like this is, for them, nothing but adventure.
They trust mom and dad when we say “this is going to be AWESOME” and leave it at that.

Oh that I could believe my own Dad, the heavenly One, when He tells me of the next adventure, “this is going to be AWESOME!”
I will believe it, but it takes me so long to get there.

Mother, rest easy in the resilience of your babies.
Take a cue from them.




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{also linking up with Just Write today, because it’s fun and Heather is pretty}

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