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by arianne

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I turned 34 a few weeks ago. It was one of those surreal times because birthdays used to be magical and sortof epic and now they’re just there.

A little wink from him and a few homemade cards and some pancakes, it’s all I need now.

spring break

Then we spent a week in North Myrtle Beach with my whole immediate family – i.e. My parents, my siblings and all our spouses/kiddos. We all survived under one roof, all 18 of us. In a condo. It rained most of the trip and the majority of the house got sick. We still made amazing memories.

babies play

We have been spending all our time since then running in circles.

Have I told you we’re moving to Arizona?

moving cross-country

In 8 days.

The kitchen was packed up this weekend, along with all our decorative items. We now feel like this house is sad and bare, but it’s ready for us to move on. Just clothes and toys left. 8 days.

River is 6 months old now and says “hi” and smiles and giggles and watches us all like she is taking in every word. She is pulling herself around on her tummy and threatening a knee crawl. I wish for her to slow down.

I know I’ve said it before, but she really is magical. Anyone who holds her can’t help but notice the effect she has on your person. Her energy calms you. She makes you feel warm and cozy in your skin. She makes you want to nap.

River 6 months old

It’s really really strange when you know your family is complete. When you know there will be no more babies. I’ve never felt it like this before. Oh, I’ve thought we were “done”, but now I know we really are. Each milestone is a big deal to me. I want it all to slow down. I don’t crave to get a break or for her to sleep through the night or for her to nurse less. I don’t crave freedom from this time. I just want to keep folding the cloth diapers and looking at tiny baby girl dresses and sink into this.

I miss you. What are you up to lately?

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