On being gardeners

by arianne

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He asked for a garden and I couldn’t say no.
He’s only nine.

“I’d do it all myself”, he said.

“I want to grow you a salad, mommy.”

We started in January,
because in the South you can plan to start a garden in the winter
and not think twice.

We planted teensy mint and dill and fennel
and started even more from seed.

It occurs to me how lessons on soil, watering, pruning, waiting can enrich his soul-soil too.


We’re gardeners now.
We watch and care and don’t intrude unless we need to.
He is protective of his garden babies.

We even have corn kernals sprouting in the window.
Where we will plant them, I have no idea.
But it was in his gardening journal to start sprouting them indoors now, so we did.
The journal he started and where he jots down notes from the garden book he’s reading.
(it’s a homeschooling win, this)

He asked for all kinds of supplies – pots, soil (organic only, he said!), seeds, watering can, garden tools,
special garden gloves just for him
(some the little brothers wouldn’t steal and ruin),
a giant trellis and some acreage to grow
(we couldn’t say yes to everything, but hey, it was worth a try!).


We had these gloves sent by Fields and Lane at just the perfect moment.
Hand crafted leather, the special kind that won’t crack when wet. Perfection.

When I presented them he said “I’m official now, huh?

He cares for the swiss chard and even tried it when we first harvested some
(he was not a fan).
I told him about the company that sent the gloves, how they are special.
How they are in Costa Rica, how they help their workers.
What “fair trade” really means, and how they are a fantastic example of a family-owned company making a difference.

He listened intently, watching me describe this amazing company,
touching the gloves with a little more awe.

He said wearing the gloves made the plants happy.

Best endorsement ever.


Fields & Lane would like to invite you to get to know them, their amazing practices of social good and their luxurious gloves (that you can use for more than gardening, you sassy driver-needing-driving-gloves, you).
Their Facebook page is lovely and is a great place to start a conversation with them.

Would you like some fab gloves to make your plants happy too? Read below!

They are excited to give away a two pairs of gloves
(the Forester gloves for men and women, and the Wave gloves for women only)
to one lucky winner!

Here’s how to enter:

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Good luck!


This is a sponsored post and compensation was provided -
as always, all opinions are my own!

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