On being brave (in)RealLife

by arianne

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We had just moved cross-country when my world collapsed. All my formerly local friends, a good 18 hour drive away.

So as I began to rebuild that world, it was not only a new me, but it was an entirely new community (of which, I knew no one).
I wasn’t equipped yet to be social, I didn’t care to even leave the house much less leave my family’s side. It was too much too soon.

Now that pictures are on the wall and baby is born and colic is over, I know God is pushing me to reach out. To find that community here, in real life, that He has waiting in the wings.

I was an extrovert growing up, but now I’m more of an extroverted introvert. Social situations are not my friend, and I dread them, always need recovery time after them and wish they’d just email me.

And even though I’ve built an incredible online community (that I get to see in real life in just two short weeks at BlissDom – yay!!), I know that there are holes that only in the flesh, right-here-in-my-town kinda friends can fill.

So that brings me to a whole other kind of conference. Have you heard what (in)courage is doing in April? There is a worldwide meet up day happening called (in)RL where you can gather with women in your town, to connect, make friends, hang out and be awesome. Take a look:

That trailer is filled with the faces of (in)courage writers, and I’ll be in one coming up later — I can’t wait for you to see what all the (in)RL team has in store for you!  (in)courage cares deeply for you, all of you, and is hosting the most lovingly kick in the pants (consider it a “leave home and go be friendly!” gentle nudge, if kick in the pants is too much) that you’ve ever seen.

So I’m going to attend a local meet up (I’m not brave enough to host – but I bet you are! If there are no parties in your town, host one yourself!) and can’t wait to share with you all about it.

Here are the links you need for (in)RL:

(in)RL website
(in)RL Q&A
Register for (in)RL
Host an (in)RL meetup

Won’t you join us? The gorgeous things planned for these gatherings are not to be missed!

This post is a part of a progressive blog tour – today this is my jello salad course. Freaky, mysterious and a little hard to pin down – that’s me, your shy spazzy jello salad!

Be sure to check out Mary’s post from yesterday (she has an awesome eBook to help with your (in)RL party – go check it out!) and tune in tomorrow over at Heather’s blog as I send you over to her house for the virtual artichoke dip.

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