The one where no one understands a word

by arianne

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It’s late and I’m having another one of those existential moments (a trademark of mine) and I can’t quit even begin to imagine how I’d share these thoughts. They swirl and burl and clang around the insides of me demanding to maybe be told and shared and yet how?

Prayer is so important because it’s that place where you step out onto a limb, and just rest there with God. While you’re there time seems to stand still, because when you leave that limb I guarantee you more time has passed in this world than in that one.

And on that limb God whispers things. He says you are of me, plucked from me when I put your spirit to flesh and made a new life. He says when you passed that threshold you became a new creation, ALL of you. You are all my people. He wants us only to receive that gift and love Him back. That’s the heart of it. He says the next threshold was birth and oh a soul is born and yes things just got kicked up another metaphysical notch. The birth threshold is so holy, such unspoken beauty takes place and sometimes (many times) that fact goes unnoticed by our callous obtuse so-cloudy human eyes.

I feel so tight from epiphanies and letting them out doesn’t help but breathing does. One deep breath for each revelation.

Not everyone is holding truth in their hands, tho many claim to.

Grace is so entirely for the purpose of justice, just as much as it supersedes it. God always makes a way.

I read bible and verses confirm and change me and the next night I can’t even remember which they were because I never wrote them down. I’m a joke of a truth-sharer because I will tell you

I just know. That’s how.”

and expect you to either get it or not, but not be surprised if you don’t.
Because I’m so tired and I can’t really be bothered with proving myself anymore.

I have a really hard time remembering that I want to put thoughts to keys to get them out, because I’m so tired (have I mentioned that?) and really can’t there be some kind of herb or something that prevents epiphany memory loss?

Another deep breath.


For Just Write.

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