Go Learn. Go Discover.

by arianne

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You who are tiny and strong.
You who are brave.

Do you know how unique you are?

You are the generation that will never NOT know the internet.
That? Is special.

It means that since your birthed day,
you have had an epic amount of possibilities available to you.

You don’t know that making a Christmas list online is a new-ish delight.

You don’t know that doing school online is an even newer honor.

You don’t know you could, if you wanted,
learn almost anything there is to know in the entire world – online,
and that it’s something generations before you simply did not have.

When you see an horse in a picture online
and can click to hear his neigh voice?

Or click to watch what it  looks like from inside a rocket ship?
That’s just you and your people.
My people couldn’t do that from home or at school.
You won’t have to wait for the right vacation or field trip
to hear, see, experience.
It’s literally all at your fingertips.


We do school at home.
Rather, we unwrap school at home.
We use fingers and toes and fabric and paper
and yes
we use the computer.
All tools, baby. Use them.

Feel the glee of flying a plane by watching a youngin
sitting in the tiny 2 engine
who captured it all on his dad’s phone.

Learn how to add, subtract and multiply with the computer,
because there are amazing apps and sites to teach you just that.

Study and learn and shape your soul
as well as your mind.

Be who you can and want to be,
because even though the fields and oceans and forests
are our lifeblood?

That internet and computer and all it contains
are the tools to take you to the place where your passion
and your work
AND your lifeblood

Go learn. Go discover. Go be you.


Intel AppUp – have you heard of them?
They are a great source for PC apps
and have some really epic options for education.

They sponsored this post
because they want you to know about something really important –

It’s their Wired To Learn contest for schools – go have a look.

You can nominate and vote on your school
(or simply vote on a school already nominated)
and the schools that have the most votes
will win technology packages (first place wins a 25K package!!).

How amazing for a school to get the tech it needs
for the  students to have the kinds of limitless possiblities
I wrote about here today!

{pss..also there’s a chance for you to win a netbook just for downloading the Intel AppUp Center!}

So click over and nominate your school.
Spread the word for your school to get votes

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