Small Style – 3 Weeks

by arianne

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There is this place where I go when I talk to God.
Somewhere in the in between.
Where things aren’t so tethered.

God said to go there even when I’m not praying.
Just to be.
To notice larger things.
To hear whispers like “this is temporary…”

That place seems a tiny line between denial and surrender…
We get to choose which side we fall on.



A baby cries and it feels forever and
my body isn’t as young as it was before.
Things torn in my soul have been torn in other literal ways.
I’m healing.

My first baby and my last baby are the only two
who cried when they were born.

The middle boys simply looked around in peace.
Mabel never needed to cry.

River cried loud and gulped in the air for herself
and her sister.
And knows things already.

She is taking in too much of her world and
it’s too much but this is how her gift will be.
She senses the world and
knows things and
will probably do it more than even me.


baby tee : misha lulu
(misha lulu is on sale right now at minisocial!)
purple dot leggings : estella via gilt
matryoshka doll : c/o fawn & forest

Linking up a day late (aka newborn time)
with Mama Loves Papa for Small Style
River’s first!

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