What I Wore – Little babies are little

by arianne

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There was this one time
when I gave birth to a baby girl
and she was so much me
that I never slept again.


River isn’t a fan of sleeping.

Three weeks in and it feels like yesterday.
She was beauty and pain and emerged here at my home

I didn’t mean to leave
and not tell you all about the furry baby hair on her ears
that look like a wee girly elf.
But there’s the whole sleeping thing.
And she has a bit of a crying addiction.

{we’re working on it}
{she was crying in every photo here}


She was awake for four hours after she was born.
She smiled during that four hours at each of us.
I look into her eyes and my tummy
does flip flops.

For the first few days we kept calling her Mabel on accident.
It was magical.


We are definitely in a survival mode right now.
But it’s teaching me to slow down.
To surrender.

To hear God whispers in the in-betweens.
Between nursing. Between diaper changes.
Between big brother kisses.



Tomorrow she gets her first style day.
{I can’t believe this isn’t a dream. Pinch.}



black cardi : thrifted
dress and jeans : old navy
oxford wedges : Mia from Zulily
rosette bud earrings : allora handmade
mustard and gray chevron sling : c/o Prairiemama
(she will make yours custom!)

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