On Being Someone’s Person

by arianne

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There was this one time
they were playing
and they didn’t fight.

The end.

But seriously – I’ve never seen closer best buddies.
Third little brother is a part of this trio,
this band.

They aren’t always natural at play…
sometimes they struggle.
And play just looks like wrastlin’
until it looks like fightin’
and usually there’s bleedin’

And I wonder WHEN I will go a minute or five
without another punch landing
on another stomach.

Another foot
landing in another face.

Their passion is their currency
they wheel and deal.
Exchanging both extremes of love and fury
And sob with missings when apart for more than a few hours.

Their play is being a brother’s person.

That, would-move-a-body-for-you, person.

Let it never. Ever. Not be.


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#GoGoDayOfPlay Challenge:

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This post was sponsored by Story Bleed as a part of the GoGo squeeZ campaign, but brother tales and passion for the cause are all mine.

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