What I Wore (39wks)

by arianne

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It’s been a long week, friends.
And perhaps I have another week left?

The effort it took to get these pics taken
may show in my eyes if you look closely.


But I can’t help but feel like the most blessed
who gets to feel kicks and wiggles
{oh so down low wiggles}
all by myself.


Soon I will have to share.
Baby will be ours, yours, the world’s.

I treasure stretch marks that have appeared
in week 39.


Because I made it to week 39, y’all.
This baby made it to week 39.

Life is too short to tell you about my aches and pains
but please know your support and prayers
are helping me
through each long day
as I roller coaster
through readiness
and fear
and back to bravery
then to anxiety.


Only to rest in perfect peace again.

Life is so beautiful.



striped tee (non-maternity) : old navy
strapless brown dress (non-maternity) : old navy
black cardi (non-maternity) : target
red sash : thrifted
black leggings (maternity) : old navy
black wedges : target
green shell earrings : vintage

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