On going home

by arianne

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(*Sara skyping in with the (in)Courage writers last week at Hilton Head Island, SC)

My mind and heart has been consumed with something else today. SomeONE else.

I tried to get dressed and take pictures of this beautiful belly I still have.
Of the life about to emerge.

But perhaps tomorrow for that, for today is for Sara.

One of my fellow (in)courage writers, a friend and dear one,
is about to go to her forever home and be at peace, finally.

If you don’t know Sara’s story, you simply must read her blog
and see how she takes flight in the grace she shows amidst her trials.
She will inspire you. Breed life in you.
Change you.

Sara isn’t a complainer. She never wanted people to pity her.
She simply wanted everyone to know Jesus and live fully and choose joy.

She is young, like us.
She has lived a life brighter than so many can claim.
She could use your prayers, kind whispers of words at her blog.
We’re told the texts, emails, comments are being read to her.

So today is a pause as we experience the pressing in,
the veil becoming thin
and Sara being free at last.


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