It’s what smart people do

by arianne

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I kept thinking it was getting late and
bed wasn’t calling but
when you can go into labor
any second
you have to be rested.

It’s what smart people do.

Suddenly the whole planet seemed
off kilter
and I couldn’t stand up straight
or think straight.

Things were cramping and tightening
but I couldn’t tell you where or what
and my mind became as restless as a wolf
and the only remedy was to be out cold.

I stripped down
decrying one fiber against my skin as of the devil
and willed my mind to dreamland.

The dreams held no solace as I tossed
and woke thinking

this is it. isn’t it?

About 20 times.

Why is my body acting as if this is the first time and not the 5th?

Just when I thought the baby was ready
I woke to the sun.
And another day.

Peaceful, refreshed.
All is grace.


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I’ve also started a new weekly writing prompt series here if it meets your fancy.

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