Because he is nine

by arianne

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He is simply an enigma.

From the moment he was born, to his diagnosis at age 2
From his journeys through therapy
to his miraculous progress
and place of hope.

He is such mystery
a puzzle-gift I attempt to unwrap
more and more each day.
Each layer more precious
each layer revealing more mystery.

He continues to be my ocean.
My vast, deep, sometimes dark
always powerful
but sometimes quiet
beauty of wonders.

He will seem completely unaware of you or your goings on
when suddenly he is the one by your side in a crisis.

He can be waylaid by simple changes in the day
yet completely good under pressure and
knows exactly what to do.

Like the ocean
he can bring you peace with his waves of love
comfort you with strength
contains deep and awe-inspiring intelligence
and can be all encompassing.

You never underestimate the ocean
just like I never know what to expect
with my fascinating
Charlie boy.

He misses his sister most out of all of them.
Because he anticipated her more than anyone else.
He used to sleep with her keepsake by his bed
or in his hand.
Every night. For months.

Today my oldest and first baby is nine.
I have been a mother almost a decade
And as I’ve grown up
and been broken
and healed.

so. has. he.


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