Because he is seven

by arianne

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He is simply a wonderment.

A testament to children being born with a certain something.
A gift.

He speaks from a place somewhere else
in a way that intrigues everyone
and makes people laugh out of pure glee
of his unusual perspective.

He’s the one who will ask you

“in heaven, will our dreams become real?”

and if you spill something he will help you clean
and then with a period on the end, say
“good as new.”

He is big boned like me so when he hugs you
it’s so comfy you want to live there

He feels energy the way I do and
takes in everyone’s feelings the way I do
I find myself holding my tongue
from telling him he’s being too sensitive.

I always hated hearing that.

He sees the world almost without the
barriers of time or logic of the now.

“my tummy really has a headache.”

“will tomatoes talk in heaven?”
“wait…what’s a tomato?”

He is my tortured artist-clone.
The one who’s heart I worry most about
since it’s just like mine.
I know my tendencies.
So I know his.
But today as he turns a whopping 7

I think of his immense capacity to love
and feel the warmth of a mama
and hug him forever.



Friends, today is my middle boy’s birthday, a week from today is my oldest’s birthday,
and any day now this new baby will have a birth day. It’s a bit of a love overflow going on!

But to add to this love explosion even more
My darling sister-friend is throwing me a baby shower.
It’s a virtual one, so you are invited too!
Each day she is featuring an item that has been sent to me
and will be given away to one of you


The first item? The epic Mamaroo swing
provided so generously by

And also every day, there will be words
celebrating motherhood
from some of my favorite people.
Yes, I am so blessed.

Come visit and be blessed too?

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