Freeze Time (Small Style)

by arianne

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i sat and perused the pictures of our family today
and it hit me.

the knowing that things won’t always be so special
and they won’t be so tiny.
i know it in my bones and yet
i forget.

maybe on purpose.

these 5, all cousins, will grow to 8 by the end of the year.
one day they (and any other babies added)
will spread the far corners of the Country
maybe the world.

i may want to hold them here
to encourage them to stay close to momma.

but Love liberates.
so i say to them
i would love to have my arms around you
but i love you
and that’s enough
so go and be free
be wild
be you.

i can love you
wherever you are.


(from left to right)

tiger tee : c/o tea
shorts : target
macho look : his attempt to smile

My niece Capri:
dress : H & M

tortuga tee : c/o tea
shorts : c/o tea

My nephew Thatcher:
plaid shirt : H & M
pants : H & M

narwhal tee : squid ink kollective
shorts : c/o tea

{all the tea clothes are from early summer, so those styles don’t seem to be available anymore, however they have new collections that are just as stunning and have free shipping for a few more days on any order with the code “GOTHERE”}

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