Baby maybe

by arianne

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Sometimes I try to fathom
momma to a girl
maybe she will be like me?

And if she is
I will never tell her she is too sensitive or
that she is over emotional.
I will tell her these things are gifts
to be revealed as so much more
once grown.



I will nurture her soul from birth.
From now.
My babe who grew as diamond in the pitch.
Now almost strong enough to meet this part of  skin on soul,
the part that exists this side of heaven.

And since I don’t have an ultrasound to tell me
if this babe is a me-girl.


I still buy pretty things just in case.
And if not needed by me,they ┬ácan go to my sister’s baby girl due 6 weeks after mine.
It’s not futile shopping, you see.


both baby velvet shift dresses: handmade vintage from Goodwill.
the steal of the century. the tatting makes me swoon.

My very first Small Style is about my baby – maybe.
Or about a future baby.
Or just talk about the daughter already in heaven.

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