A Roving Summer

by arianne

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We’ve had an interesting summer of moving and growing a belly in the Southern heat. All those things happening at once are new to me, especially while wrangling these three beast boys.  It’s been too hard to figure out what the plans are because there is no plan. These are kids who thrive on routine, and since we’ve had none because of various circumstances out of our control, we’ve had to take to being homebodies or doing everything last minute.

I mention this because I was introduced to a new (free) app that I’ve found really useful, and I think you will too. It’s called RedRover, created by a mom, and it’s the best way I’ve seen to create playdates on the fly (because seriously, who has time to plan these?).

RedRover is a sleek and really easy to use app that let’s you add your local friends and then post to the app where you are if you’d like anyone to join you. Example of how we’ve used RedRover so far: “water balloon fight in our backyard, come join us if you dare!” and sent it to my neighbors. Or “scooter rides at the park if anyone wants to join!”, “walking to the big swing and will be there a while, hope to see you!”, “meet us at the pool in an hour?”, and “lego marathon going on here until sundown, all welcome.”

I like the non-committal part of it, since my kids are high needs and it’s so hard to make any plans (not to mention how I’m feeling is often hit or miss). Huge summer tip from me to you: it doesn’t have to be perfect to be a playdate. (hat tip to Nester)

One of my favorite features is the Emergency tab on the app. It’s kinda nice to know exactly where to click if I need to text my emergency contacts all at once without having to think about it, find the nearest hospitals, and map how to get there (or just call 911).


It’s free — not like “free online bingo” free, I mean actually free and totally worth the download and signup just to try it out – but what makes this even sweeter is that from now until July 28th RedRover has partnered with Christy Turlington and her Every Mother Counts charity that helps in huge ways globally. RedRover is giving $1 for every app signup/download between July 7 and July 28 – up to $20,000. Every Mother Counts is an advocacy and mobilization campaign to increase education and support for maternal and child health. This organization – an the film No Mother No Cry is doing real, life changing work. Spread the word in your networks, research the film and the site and see if it’s a cause you want to get behind. For me? It’s keeping me up at night.

Check out this fun video by the mom founder of RedRover,  and see more of the features in action.

RedRover from RedRover on Vimeo.

*I was compensated for my time to be a RedRover mom ambassador, but my glee for this app and my heart for Every Mother Counts and the crazy kids in the photos are all mine.

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