The Way Of The Wind

by arianne

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We took last month to move…thankfully not cross-country like the last two moves,
but packing everything and starting over somewhere new, just the same.

We have a tiny abode now that has just enough vintage to make my heart sing.
There’s nothing like chevron patterns and heirloom quilts to keep me feeling inspired.

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The kids are all still completely out of sorts,
regressing in behavior and generally willy nilly each day.
We started our summer off of school early
(and will start early in the fall to make it up),
but that means even less routine.
I’m thinking routines are like air and water around here,
so we’re a bit life – starved at this moment.

The heat has completely crept up on us, but we celebrate
lost teeth,
brother-friends visiting
and thrifting with soul sisters.

We had a party for a 4 year old that included
an epic amount of wooden games,
doll house furniture and accouterments
that made for some special Pixie play time.

photo (13)

photo (14)

We unpacked and unpacked and
oh the aching hips echo my overwhelmed soul
and I missed linking here the other places I’ve been writing.

Allow me to now share?

I wrote this piece for (in)courage recently enough to still share with you
on patience and promises.

I bared all (and then some) on Mother’s Day
when I shared for the first time my real story
with postpartum depression
over at Postpartum Progress

as a part of the Mom’s Day Rally.

First time in a long time I clicked publish with a sweaty neck
and a need for a beverage I’m not allowed at the moment.

And today I joined the team at Babble
to blog about my pregnancy.
Quite an honor – and I’ll likely be sweating a few times now and then
as I hit publish over there on topics that I may be a bit itching to talk about.

I can’t believe I get to wield my craft at other venues (for pay, as in a real job, as in yeah),
and I’m honored when you read and comment at those places.

We are in a season of mama helping bring home that (turkey) bacon,
with my husband seeking a new career and the starting over salary that comes with it.

I treasure your support in these new ventures
and so appreciate your recommendations
(which is how I get any new gig –  from you!).
Much love.
<3, Ari

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