On New Life

by arianne

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It’s middle of the night dark and I roll over and remember you.

You already know me and I already know you, though we won’t meet for months. How the mystery still impresses me, how the unknown terrifies.

I promise to not be fearful, for you, for her, and drift back to sleep.

Waking needing food that doesn’t come urgently enough, I’m getting to know the true dirty corners of my commode.

The memories come flooding back and bring nothing but smiles.
It feels good to feel this kind of sick again.

I spent minutes and hours and days worrying about things out of my control, but prayers of surrender prove powerful.
I can’t believe that the dark soil of winter is not only brewing new life
but so am I.

Yes.  A new baby grows in me.

I’m due in the fall – can you believe it?

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