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by arianne

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Thank you all SO MUCH for the amazing response to The Lovely Guide this week. We are just completely awed by your love and support, it’s been more than we could’ve dreamed – y’all are amazing!

One of the best things about this new venture is that here on my blog I’ll be able to focus more on my writing, while my indie passions of handmade style, celebration and seeing God’s beauty in art and music and life, can be featured on The Lovely Guide. It’s not black and white, and you’ll notice similar themes at each place, since both are “me” and “me” is who you’ll find wherever I write.

I know you come here to hear my heart, and I honor that and will be getting back to my long-winded God thoughts very soon. Thank you for bearing with me as Sara Sophia and I  launch this new business and try to spread the word as much as I can this week!

That said, I’d like to invite you to come hang out on Twitter with us tonight at 9pm eastern. We’ll be having a twitter chat about the holidays, celebration, why handmade is an awesome thing and all the beauty in between.  No twitter “party”, no giveaways. Just us, our hearts, our passion for this and – hopefully – YOU.

Follow @TheLovelyGuide and look for the hashtag #LovelyHolidays.

9pm Eastern

See you there!

Psst…we have a few giveaways trekking along, including $100 to Lisa Leonard’s to die for shop, $25 to the Wild Poppy Shoppe on Etsy, and your choice of a piece from the stunning collection of organic children’s clothing line Barley & Birch. Good luck!

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