Good Lifekeeping

by arianne

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Picnik collage

I received a Good Housekeeping April, 1965 as a gift from her this weekend.  The cover is full of epic hair, as you can see. And eyeliner the way I wear mine.

The insides are not only sights to behold in their endlessly funny ways, but treasures for a wannabe anthropologist-ish. Like me.

I’m fascinated by the Beauty Consultant, who’s column is full of different problems with different advice – which always end in Oil of Olay.

{There was no disclosure – maybe she really thinks OoO cures all? Did she – the photo at the top – even write the article?}

I’m fascinated by the articles, those that tell me outdoor gals still have perfect hair, and those tell me that I’d be happier if my girdle was comfortable.

I’m fascinated by the mostly male staff of the magazine.

The pages full to the brim of processed foods and exciting new things like – freezers – make me want to wander over to my local farmer and give thanks that he endured that time.

Returning to a slow life, with slow food and handmade pretties might seem like a step backwards to the women filling these pages.

But to me it’s returning to roots I didn’t know I had, yearning for that which knit my DNA.

Sinking deeply into me, the me of now, of 35 years ago, of 80 years ago.

She hasn’t changed. Her heart is the same. She longs for love and beauty and a home to be hers.

She has insecurities, the kind that are only satiated by the truth of the earth beneath her feet and the reality of her humanity flowing through her veins.

And through the trees.

And through her soul.

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