In the tabernacle

by arianne

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We study and we learn and we return.

When we see not what we have to do

but what we get to do.

This week was the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. We built our first sukkah.

With rope and sheets and drawn-in palms, we created a space to breathe in history.

We read about the Messianic ways of celebrating our original Thanksgiving.

We decorated with fruit and autumn wares.

Picnik collage

We loved with a “thankful” chain, little hands writing things like “grass” “Bunny” and “friends in Georgia”.  Also “air”, “water”, “deer”.

I love that they see more than most.

We enjoyed a meal in our temporary shelter, little boys even slept under its sheets of gladness.  They asked when we were doing the feast tonight. To finish out the celebration.

Picnik collage

We remembered the wilderness, the 40 years, the Living Water and these flesh shelters that are also temporary.

We excitedly celebrated the year of harvest, asked for more life-rain and thanked God for the eternal shelter He prepares for us.

Our family is loving the messianic way of celebrating the Jewish feasts.  Have you ever done this? We’re making beautiful memories, starting new traditions and carving out God-shaped parts of our hearts for Him to fill with new ways of seeing the world.  I’d love to hear your stories…

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